In 2015, we started production with the aim of “producing quality and delicious products for everyone who wants to eat healthy”. We started a brand new era in this field by producing the first functional bar family enriched with super foods in Turkey. Today, our Fellas branded products meet consumers at more than 30,000 sales points.


Quality, Health, Innovation and Taste constitute our main values. With our IFS (International Featured Standards) certificate, which certifies the safety and quality of food products and production processes in accordance with international food standards, we serve our domestic and international customers with confidence.


Since 2015, our product portfolio appealing to everyone who wants to have a healthy and balanced diet;

High Protein Bar
We have produced nutritious High Protein Bars that will meet the protein needs of professionals and everyone who does regular sports. All are high protein, 100% natural, gluten-free and no added sugar.

Fellas Bar Red Bridge
Fellas Bar Red Bridge

Kids Fruit Bars
We have produced Fellas Kids Fruit Bars for the little ones who love to snack and for the parents who are looking for the healthiest for their children. Natural fruit, protein store, most importantly 100% natural and no added sugar.

Protein Bars
Fellas Protein Bars for anyone looking for a healthy and nutritious alternative when it comes time to snack. Each variety has a different flavor, each has protein and healthy snacking pleasure.

Fellas Bar Red Bridge
Fellas Bar Red Bridge

Vitamin Fruit Bars
We broke new ground in this field by producing Turkey's first Vitamin & Fruit Bar family. Vitamin & Fruit Bars that support the immune system are no added sugar, gluten-free, no additives and no preservatives, like all Fellas.

Fruit Bars
We packed the health and taste of natural fruits. With Fellas Fruit Bars, we have created a delicious vegan, high fiber and low calorie snack alternative.

Fellas BarRed Bridge
Fellas Bar Red Bridge

Protein Powder
We blended protein powder, which is indispensable for sports nutrition, with the taste of chocolate. We have offered Fellas Whey for sale in practical packages for everyone who needs high protein during periods of intense physical activity.Health comes first for us in every product we produce… We use the highest quality, most delicious, and most importantly, additive-free and preservative-free natural ingredients in each of our products bearing the Fellas name. We continue to develop brand new products for everyone who wants a healthy snack and a qualified diet.

By producing Turkey's first protein granola, we have evolved granola in terms of nutritional value and taste. We brought health, high protein and high fiber to our granola packages with Fellas Protein Granola and Classic Granolas.

Fellas Bar
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