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#1 in Turkey:

Fellas High Protein Bar is the first choice for those who want a healthy, additive-free and preservative-free snack with natural-content which provides additional protein production in the body, helps building the muscle mass and forming a significant part of your diet.  Pick your favourite Fellas now and enjoy it!

Wacky Flavors
Wacky Flavors
₺143,76 KDV Dahil
₺431,40 KDV Dahil
₺143,76 KDV Dahil
₺431,40 KDV Dahil
₺143,76 KDV Dahil
₺431,40 KDV Dahil
₺143,76 KDV Dahil
₺431,40 KDV Dahil
₺143,76 KDV Dahil
₺431,40 KDV Dahil
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