Granola Capsule 450ml

Granola Capsule 450ml

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Complete your enjoyment of Fellas healthy snacks with Capsule. Whether at work, on a picnic or on the road... You don't have to be at home for delicious smoothies and recipes. It is just for you with its fluid food container at the bottom and solid food container at the top.

Make your snack healthy and practical with Fellas Granola-Muesli Capsule.

Fellas Granola Capsule 450ml

Fellas Granola Capsule has 450 ml liquid volume.

 BPA free, suitable for food.

 It consists of 4 parts: fluid food container, solid food container, lid and spoon.

 You can use the spoon by separating it from the lid. Instructions for use are stated in the 3rd image.Hand wash is recommended. 

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