Jumbo Coconut Bowl

Jumbo Coconut Bowl

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From Fellas, the architect of the most delicious bowls, a bowl as natural and additive-free as itself!

Handmade, vegan, food safe and 100% natural. Make a difference with these bowls that will suit your unique recipes and healthy lifestyle!

Jumbo Coconut Bowl

Meet Jumbo Coconut Bowl, the new member of Fellas' healthy and natural world! A unique bowl to turn your delicious and original recipes into a visual feast; it will adapt to your healthy lifestyle with its additive-free, organic, vegan, handmade and 100% natural. Fellas Granola, Muesli and Oatmeal, Peanut Butter varieties are waiting for you to prepare wonderful recipes. A piece of nature... Unique in shape and colour, just like you!

 DIAMETER: average 13-15 cm

 DEPTH: average 7-9 cm

 VOLUME: average 700 ml 


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